Thursday, February 25, 2016

First Week on Cory's App OutHouse Live

Cory's App OutHouse Cont.-------
The biggest problem we had designing anything for the Web was defective products or Apps messing things up. Messing up the web or messing up fully functioning quality products or apps.
  Now don't get me wrong I'm not turning my back on my calling. I still have some personel projects I'm trying to work on but this has been my dream for many years. Product and App Evaluation with the help of those they effect the most. We'll do it together and maybe have a little fun pokeing at Google and Facebook. I'm looking forward to it. Let me know how that works out for you guys. Lol. Were going to test out there Apps and put it out there to be a deal or a dude. Probably shouldn't use that term I think there might be a copyright on it. But here we go. A little later I have my first of many Reviews. I'm still a Web designer/App Development Engineer and this will probably piss off some of my collogues. I think most of the good ones will welcome it by the way there doing the same thing behind closed doors. It's kinda hard to evaluate your own development or one of your friends development objectively. Just my opinion. Were not really going to have a set agenda on scheduling but I'll find a app and submit report or if you want one checked out for you email me at or call me at (903)394-4710 and we'll check it out. If you have any questions or concerns do the same and contact me. You can always check on what I'm working on by my Websites, Pages, Collections, Communities. For those of you that are in my Communities that I own and run I don't see myself making it by as much as I'm used to this and War On The Internet keeps me entirely to busy. I'll be checking in on you every now and then just keep the Protect The Innocent and War On The Internet code of ethics. You know I've been in this business longer than some of these people have been alive. It really upsets me when I see new people trying to ask the developers a question and they won't even let them speak until they have enough time in. By that point they would have figured the question out for themselves. Heard one developer say he was tired of stupid questions. I said wait a minute homeboy me and my homeboys developed this industry from scratch from the ground up. These developers need to learn how to show some respect. Respect for these youngsters up and coming in the business and industry. They need to show respect to the people they claim to work for, The People, The Consumer, The Public. They forget what its like being new to the business and trying to learn. Unlike me that has never been paid for a thing I've done on or off the web they have a future in this business and they shouldn't be trying to run them off. But as for me not getting paid that either makes me increadably stupid or a detonate pushover. Facebook and Google have been taking advantage of me for the past couple of years but one of these days I'll get mine. Probably through a lawyer. I saw one of my profiles today that google said none was watching. I saw 118,000 views from you my listeners, followers, and of Fans. Almost made me Cry and I think you for that. All this time I been told you weren't listening and that was only one of my Pages, Collections, and or Profiles. I have to do this one time and one time only my sites addresses. They are at 1.,,
http://Facebook.Com/CoryTriplett1971CorysWarOnTheNet1971,,,, and, Facebook is at, and,

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