Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse First Review
             We might as well jump in the door with both feet, Feet first First App is The Social Networking App------!?!?!?
          Nope guys sorry to say this App is not what you think. I think they developer is hoping were a bunch of idiots. They think were dumb enough to believe putting all your social media apps into one that it's going to solve all of your memory and speed problems hate to be the one to tell you guys not only does it not solve those problems it makes it worse it double and triple and quadruples the problems. I'm curious did you guys( The Developers) even test this one before you sent it out!?
     This one particular App I checked out had about 8 or 9 social media sites. Now I saw another one after the fact had 35 Social Media Sites they advertised on that one, what the hell we they thinking,Man!!
So I started out with just my Google Plus accounts which is 8 or 9 accounts, 4 pages, 8 Collections, 4 Communities. I know it seems like a lot but I'm Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet. Remember I've been undercover in bidding for a year and half doing my internet investigation against and Facebook. I do have friends though that have 4 to 5 thousand friends and I explained to them like I will you know. When your friends list is that big do you realize that a internet Scammer can his a Profile even a wholes Page inside your friends list and none would even know they were there, not you, not Facebook, not the Feds, nobody. Not at least until someone ran across them mistakenly scrolling or what ever and happened to see them set up shop. I know that one for a fact saw it first hand and the way it looked they had been there for quiet some time. They didn't want to leave but as soon as they found out who I was LMAO I never saw none pack up so quick.
Back to the App. You put all those apps together its going to bog down your memory and cause your phone to bog down all the time instead of just when your busy and they basically use your phone as there own personnel Data Storage spot. Your phone turns into there phone. Besides all that the Security issues. I don't like one App being responsible of all my social media Passwords and personnel information. If you remember correctly that was the problem we all had with the Security Problems with Google Chrome. All your information in one spot never work in my book because of me personally, what I been through with and Facebook I can't trust anyone or any App that much.
As far as memory is concerned I got a new Tracfone SmartPhone a while back from I think its Altel or something like that. When I went to move my data to my SD card it says the phone doesn't have the Technology for the operation. What a croack of shit is that. Developer I call BS on that one. The two phones before that were able to do it y'all just looking for a way to get more money out of us what I think. After working Full Time basically for Facebook and Google for the Past Two years with no pay as a Writer/Author, Publisher and to find out they were supposed to have been paying me this whole time. ButHeads I think y'all have gotten enough out of me and the Public so quit picking our pockets and stop looking in our bank accounts to see his much to charge us. I don't care that I have ten dollars in my wallet I'm only going to pay five and besides the fact it was none of your business how much I had in my wallet or in the bank. You feel me on that and I'm sure everyone agrees with me. Like I told all of you a year ago you either going to Love me or your going to hate me there's no middle ground. Y'all are starting to realize that the people that been Hagen on me have been the ones out there messing up and hurting people. I have a very strong Code of ethics and a very strong religious backbone. After during one the operating table five or more years ago I'm blessed enough to be able to say I walk with the angles and every morning I get out of bed I can do it with my head held high. After the and Facebook Scammers I refuse to let anyone try to hurt me or take advantage of me or anyone else, not on my watch so help me god the only one getting knocked down is them. All the way to the front doors of our good old Texas Prisons(at least that's my dream). Out of Todd Sloane or Danielle Lam in Prison for what they've done which one do you think turns first on the inside. I say Todd but that's just me. Sorry Lord I shouldn't have said that but yes I should have it put a smile on my Face. Well that's it for now till next time this is Cory Triplett as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet coming at you Live from Cory's App OutHouse. Y'all Be Safe and have a blessed night. Till next Time Catch Me If You CanNN!! this is Cory Triplett Reporting. I'm Out! Love You All God Bless.

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