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Protect The Innocent : The Little Old Lady In Florida Helps Me Find The N...

Protect The Innocent : The Little Old Lady In Florida Helps Me Find The N...: Protect the innocent I've been asked how I came up with the name Protect The Innocent? Here's How. I Guess it was about mid-Au...

The Little Old Lady In Florida Helps Me Find The Name Protect The Innocent

Protect the innocent
I've been asked how I came up with the name Protect The Innocent?

Here's How. I Guess it was about mid-August I was feeling a little depressed about were everything was going with my pages and groups had people that joined the group but they really didn't understand what it was about. Even had a guy from Nigeria that kept flurting with me even after I explained that this picture was my cover and my insigna picture that I was a 44 year old man, know gotta say that still freaks me out. But I was depressed because the Scammers were on me Full force when they didn't get what they wanted they sent a hijacker-Hacker my way that would evenyually kill my entire system and all my computers, Labtops,Tablet,and about 6 total smart phones got to say He was one of the best Hackers I had ever dealt with and I've seen quiet a few in my time.
So because of my depression I kinda was staying away from and the games and Social media pretty much all together. Then one day I deceided to go ahead and do a little Web Surfing I call it. I was browsing around Facebook I beleive I was in's Fan Page where I met this women but I'm not sure, Can't remember to be exact.
           But she was crying, you could here it just by the things she was saying. Asking please help me please help me. So I asked her what was going on. She then told me she thought she had been scammed. That these people told her that she won 250 thousand, like me, and had to pay 750 dollars, like me, in order to get her money. She said she had been asking to tell her something but she could never get a response back. She said she also asked on there blog and again no response back. She then told me that she PAWNED her Car to pay these people. Later on she informed me that she pretty much starved herself by useing her monthly grocery money to get her Car Back. She was crying and said that she felt so stupid and that she must have had done something wrong for the good Lord to be Punishing her for this. I told her no she wasn't being Punished, that the good Lord that I know and Respect Doesn't operate that way. Remember I had died a few months earlier and brought back to life. I explained to her my story hopefully to have taken some of the burden off her heart. I told her to stop blaiming herself for what happened it wasn't her fault , It Was Mine. She started Laughing and asked me How I see it could be my fault.

 I told her that the good Lord put it on my heart to do this. To stop these people from hurting anyone else like they had done to me and know her and that I had turned away from that because of getting my feelings hurt by some of the things that The PCH Prise Patrol Team Members had said to me or about me to my face or I had been told what they had said on Social Media. That because I was But Hurt parden the expression that I had pulled away from what the good lord told me was my job and calling for this moment in time. If I had stayed on course and put the word out about these scammers and what they have done and were doing I might have prevented this from happening to her. She told me not to worry about it but at that moment was when I made a promise to myself and to the heavenly father to never let what they say or do to determine my course of action in this. I thought about sending her the 20 dollars I had left over from the money my Dad sent me for smokes but the good Lord stopped me, by the way I had just gone through the round with the Scammers Elete Scammer As She Said The Best Of The Best and I didn't want to take the chance of finding out that She Was A Scammer like them I wouldn't put it past them. Remember this is the one I breifly mentioned yesterday. The Old Lady wasn't a scammer but like I said they tried everything on me  and I still walked away a winnerbut I'll always be sceptical from now on hate being that way but I trust noone know so guess you'd say they kinda did when like tearism they one because they took my freedom from me because I'll always be looking over my shoulder. She didn't get anything by the way that's why they sent her to me I was labeled untakeable so they sent there best after me and after her I'll always be Looking over my back, after everything was over and she confessed to me who and what her organisation is, and is about, told me that they were sponsored and well funded. But when everything was over she was going to come back and really really hurt me as she said. I told her that "I've already died I do Not Fear Death and To Tell her Freinds and Partners that I will not stop till I get every last one of them that's when she said that she respected me but I had broken her record, because she threw in the towl and gave up on me, that had tarnished her reputation to the others LOL Ok but she was still threatning me but ok I'll still keep doing this and if she happens to takes me down Mom knows wear to find my files but like I said about her said could tell you that your name is not your name LOL and you would almost beleive her for those of you that know some of my stories this will be the Full Story Of The Danielle LamatPCH the one that called me a Hood Rat like she had room to talk but that full story will be tomorrows Post on War On The Internet Blog. But in that promise to My Heavenly Father was when the name "Protect The Innocent" came from.
I told my self that day that I was going to put myself out there so that if someone was out there looking for answers that I would be there if nothing else to stear them in the right direction. She had explained to me that she had been trying to get a response from PCH to no addvail and that she didn't even know that there were people out there doing this. I said yes it had been going on for some time. 
                I remember when I first heard about it Danielle was on there Fan page telling people to stop putting Post to her about the Scammers because it was to depressing. I say Danielle Reality right know one what's been going on and is, is depressing but it's the world we live in you have to adjust to reality. Does't do anyone any good to ignore it and act like it ain't happening. If someone broke into your house to Rob you are you going to act like a little school girl and close you eyes real tight and act like they ain't there well hate to tell you but that don't work and that's how people get hurt and that's how they are getting hurt and for ya'll to know after all this time to try and conveince the people that ya'll have been fighting this for the people no you haven't that's were I've been setting ringside and if you were there I would have seen you because there haven't been very many participants. I can count all them on one hand and are on first name basis with them because I have been the Ring Leader and Coach/Founder/Organiser/Owner-Operations Cordinator or what ever Name you want to use on me.


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Protect The Innocent : For Those of You that Don't Know Me My Name is Co...

Protect The Innocent :
For Those of You that Don't Know Me My Name is Co...
: For Those of You that Don't Know Me My Name is Cory Triplett I own and operate Groups, Pages, Collections, Communities, Channels, W...

Todd Sloane profile picture

For Those of You that Don't Know Me My Name is Cory Triplett I own and operate Groups, Pages, Collections, Communities, Channels, Websites, To now Blogs Called War On The Internet, Protect The Innocent, To Corys App OutHouse and a Few more you'd just have to look my name up I'm all over the web. I set these up to fight the online Con-Artist that are poping up all over the web getting more and more organised and getting better and better at what they do. I've been fighting this Self Proclaimed War since about May of this year. I'm here to tell you what happened and is happening to me and others almost on a daily basis hopefully with the intention of informing each other so that we'll be better prepaired to combat these people which I'm sad to say are very good and totally funded by someone or some company haven't figured that part out yet. In my War On The Internet Blog I Told you the first time they tried to Scam me in this one ironically enough was my latest which was Last night the EVE before Opening Up my Blog Pages. Might Just Be Me But You Think They Are Scared of Me Damn Right. With Good Reason, In This one I'm Going To Teach You a Valuable Tool.
Ok Last Night Probably About 8pm after I was jumping around the web Linking all my pages here so it will be easier for you to access me from anywhere on the web you can find me on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube and almost every location I now have a page or group or collection even communities and if you find me There is always a link to these my blogs. You have a question because Lord Knows You won't get your answer from the authorities, or Facebook, or hate to say it even Google, but you definately won't get it from even though they been saying to contact them. I got Danielle saying this is too depressing well honey That's Life as we know it right now. Then You got Todd Sloane which says he wouldn't lift a finger To help. I say Todd I got my own finger thank you though you want to see it. OK, Behave now Cory. I really don't know much about WinDav as he called himself to me but he stays quietand out of the way I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. I Do know this though who ever these people are the either work for or they did, or at the very minimum they are freinds with someone there I know this because of the type of information that these scammers have had and attempted to use on me or other Fans or website users.
It's not just a flook of nature that moments after one of them had a brand new photo Release that the scammers were useing it on Facebook to scam Social Media and Facebook and website users almost instantly after the picture just got released and I saw them first hand useing that to push that they were the Real Prise patrol Team because by the way how else would I get that picture so quick I heard them say.
And All this time Facebook and has been fighting me on this and know there both comming out trying to claim credit for all my hard work, trying to act like there saviors and they have been combating these Scammers all this Time, WOW not in the world I live in they've been the problem trying to hush me or sensor me or just down right pull the plug on me. Facebook and have sent sabitors and spys my way. I say if they had spent half the effort to help me instead of trying to hinder me or cover it up we might not be in the situation or at least to the extreme that were in Right now. Thanks Guys Not.
Ok As for last night got a freind request again like they always do from Todd Sloane-AtPCH which I knew it wasn't him one I'm experenced with this and I know Todd uses PrisePatrol at the end of his name and two is because I know for a fact the Real Todd Sloane hates my guts. He would quit before he would even speak to me but that's OK I'm not here for them or to make Freinds, I'm here for you, the public. I'll say it one more time but You'll Either Love Me Or Hate Me there's not much room for middle ground. But remember this you'll never have to worry about me telling the Truth it's in tour Face but I Speak what I see if you like it or not I don't sugar coat anything I'm not here for you to like me I'm here to protect you from yourselves if that makes any sense. We'll talk more about your internet personnel Security at a later time and or Post OK.
Sorry I keep getting off subject this Todd Finally sent me a message through messenger and here we go Ladys and Gentelmen that trick I was telling you about. when they send you a request and you want to check a person out if you click on that picture it will bring up that persons Profile. Some of you were saying that ain't nothing I knew that. Right did you know this that if you dealing with a fake scammer you see A basically knew profile setting in front of you. It might be at the most a month old profile if your like me your profile is as old as yahoo and or Facebook, Dang that tells my real age don't it Dang OK just kidding and just to let ya'll know I'm not that pretty girl I'm a 44 year old man so don't send me flirts it just freaks me out, understand I had to go into hiding kinda to protect my freinds and family and I think you all can understand that . On that profile most of these people have been to Lazy or just didn't know like the girl last night. THERE FREINDS Guess who's in the Freinds most of the time it's only one Freind Guess who that is it's not Danielle or Todd or Dave or even me even though I;m a good freind LOL. Your Looking Face To Face With the picture and name of your scammer and if you were to leave that profile and look up that name and picture Guess what else you would find before big brother Facebook got it and Deleted it. You'd Find that persons personel info like there Freinds address ect..ect just like they had on you think that would be a bad thing if a couple of victims got hold of there scammer or his or her information and did to them what they did to them or me. Personally I think someone would get hurt. LOL no sweet off my back. The scammer liked to have peed on herself when I told her who I really was author and founder of WarOnTheInternet and ProtectTheInnocent and then I called her by her real name. She liked to have craped it was funny you should have seen it. then she got cocky and damn near confessed the world to me. I had her talking so Facebook witch at this point I had already reported too so I figured they were recording and tracking her. I asked her why they kept comming for me, all she could say I was a pervert what ever so stupid she didn't even know I didn't work. I told her she was going to go to jail and to do me a favor and give the names of her partners to the authorities so noone else getts hurt because all they were doing was hurting innocent People Like The Little Old Lady In Florida broke my heart. that one will be next. I'm just about done on this post America but ya'll be safe out there and look out for each other we're all the we have. Remember this The best weapon against these guys is each other (INFORMATION) Tell what you know to each other and social media you can tell your story on my blog or if you want to remain silent send your story to me VIA email and I'll publish it for you but tell on them so we can be kept up to date on there latest tricks maybe we'll stop them or the Cyber Crime Unit for the FBI maybe gets off there buts and yes I did say that Damn Straight like I said I don't sugar coat nothing either Love Me Or Hate Me But You Will Respect Me For Being Honest. Catch Mr If You CanNNNNNN!!!! Cory Triplett I'm Out Next Post on War On The Internet will be at 10am Tomorrow Till Then God Bless And Be Safe. CORY

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