Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse

               You Can Catch Me Here:
Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Group "War On The Internet", Google, Google Plus, Google Sites, Google Forum, Twitter, Twitter for Business, Google Business, Instagram, Blogger, Blogspot, Facebook Developers, Facebook Security Notes,, Linkeden, Pinterest, Stumblepon,Skype, Hangouts,, Microsoft Development Corp., YouTube, YouTube Channels, Gmail, main Gmail Account, OK I'm done with that. I've been working on this computer of mine for six months now got hundreds of hours logged in because of a faulty operating system, XP Media take it from me guys sometimes your better off scraping it and starting fresh not worth the time or hassle. This price of crap belongs with the people who made XP Media in the Trash.
I meant what I said If You have any questions or Suggestions just ask. Like my Papa used to say the only Stupid question is the one not asked. We got a get these Developers Out of that good old boy attitudes. Your friend Cory Triplett as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet open for Business Cory's App OutHouse.

Protect The Innocent

Protect The Innocent
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I write Pages on Google Facebook Twitter and YouTube called WarOnTheInternet and ProtectTheInnocent and Corys AppOutHouse I write, run, operate, Own pages to collections to communities and now blogs. I'm here to stop the internet Con-Artist from from hurting anyone else and me and my groups wain Corporate Accountability and Justice For all the victims and someone please stop facebook and from covering it up again and again. Thanks Cory