Thursday, May 5, 2016

Big difference between then and know huh Todd (THE FINGER) Sloane. I Kept letting ya'll as in Facebook, Google Plus, Prize Patrol Team, Publishers Clearinghouse, Ikept letting you fill me with lie after lie after lie and just excepted it. Even though in my heart of hearts i knew what was the truth. Because you know Todd Sloane and or The Prize Patrol Team. Do you know why I always find the truth. Because when you die like I did those many years ago. You get a whole brand knew belief in life some of it for the good some of it not. Weither you believe me or not it's not my place to convience you but here it was about a month that they say I was in ICU but if you were in my shoes I was able to walk the heavenly gates for more than two years. My father allowed me to come back and fulfill what ever mission he saw for me. I was as always will be a willing participant. He doesn't always tell me everything but he always led me in the direction of the truth and justice. When I came back I really didn't know what he wanted of me all that I knew is that I came to take care of my mother in her final days and to make piece with the people that I had wronged or hurt in my lifetime. I came back a very willing participant and soldier of his will and blessings.
When I encountered you and your people and the Scammers that were floating around my stomping grounds Facebook. I was always Sir able to see through bull shit and crap. So when ya'll came after me. Or shall I say the and Facebook Scammers came after me. I had already taken a vow of piece to the father but I was very schooled in the art of BULLSHIT. I was a exgang banger from the streets of Little Rock during the Gang Wars Of 1990 to 1994. We lost alot of very good brothers and sisters back then. I was one of the very few "G"'s that can actually claim to have been there and walked out alive.
So when that women from Facebook contacted me that many many days ago. What's it been know almost two years know and got me involved in this. I wasn't a push over or a punk like ya'll thought even if I might have acted like it. I still had a few head problems just getting back on my feet after being bed riden for almost 6 to 7 months. Hell I thought I had mad it. Was back on my feet went back to work for the fastfood restraunt I worked for for almost 5 years. Hell I thought I had it made right. Then those organs that they repaired started breaking down again. But you can't repair body parts with a warrenty right. I came back with a time limit I know that, he knows that, my family has always known that. I came back to fullfill a couple of personel missions my father in heaven gave me the priviledge of being able to come back and fullfil a few personel missions. And If he had anything in my time he knew all he had to do was ask THE COMANDER and it would be done.
Then life as you say caried on for a few more years than were expected.
Out of the blue this little scamming organization in facebook operated by FACEBOOK top ececutives and hell no I ain't playin g. Oh you thought that was it they had help. I wouldn't think a big ass company like Facebook operating an illegeal scamming organization that was targeting there own customers would need help but would they. Who in (SORRY) God's name could help facebook. What would Facebook BIG BROTHER we call them need from anybody big giant like Microsoft right ( Again Sorry Guys makeing a point((MICROSOFT NOT INVOLVED)).. What would they need. These scamms got so many they were running out of hell(stories, new voices, new victims) So they recruited The World Famous Publishers Clearinghouse Team and there organization. As far as I'm concerned it could have gotten as high up in the Food chain to find high ranking and I mean very high ranking government officials. I told ya'll before when they hit me they unwoke a sleaping GIANT!
This organization went so far not just working overseas like a government Cue. You know like one government trying to overthrough another government. They went as far as not just haveing people working different jobs in that other government to infiltrate that government. But hell they had a shit load of people dedicated to there jobs. I couldn't blam them that organization had a crap load a money that could either buy there loyality or it would buy there death or the punishment for there disobidience for failure. The Sory with me and the Viper Why I spent more than a year on the run. When I was on the run I never stoped investigating the organization or the cause as I saw it because deep inside I considered them linked.
Then the day I found my evidence I had been looking for. Till this time I was what my people and follower just called a Internet Investigator or a Activist because like hell nobody believed what I was saying or didn't care until it hit home.
One of those people I cought had ties overseas.
That was it. Bull Shit Ya'll know me better. Had ties to The Caribian Islands< Jamakia, MIamia Ports, They were teachers, in the fields of money, like electronics, student job counsels, professors, engineers, the officials in there governments and ours that supply the work visas to work here. Most of the jobs in the caribians were at the colleges and if you look into those colleges almost all of them there are merrly electronic colleges unfortunatly for these assholes(Like I said they woke a sleeping giant me) I knew there studies and taught myself how to follow. I went to school in the wake of the electrical engineering revelution. I was fortunate enough to be there to see the birth of what we know call thw World Wide Web. Has it been that long but these people have surrounded themselves around the business or like we call it the Gaming Industry which is were the money is today the internet gaming world as we put it. A bunch of young punks that have come up in the world of that business were there educated in the field of electrical engineering. And Ladys and Gentilman. They think the world stops and thats were we begin and there on the outside looking at us like we are there next game or conquest. We are not people we are there pons in there next game. That game we call life. Those gold coins we call lives, money,, houses, feelings, blood sweat and tears. I have seen this list and the guys profile. I still have it today but as my mother told me. You can't run forever and you've already died so Fuck It.
The problem with all this is we have already reported all of this so long ago and or so many people just did not care. Or they were and probably are still so infiltrasted in the government that noone dares cross them. The phrase We call Above the Law or they think. That's why when we report them not only does nothing happen to them but they tell the scammer exactly which one reported. I mean folkes if you have paid attention to any of my work. Luanne Carr I reported her using Todd Sloane of or Publishers Clearinghouse. Facebook informed me that they rewported to Todd Slaone that I had reported him or as I say did Facebook Security report that to Luanne Carr. It was both Luanne entire profile was about 150 people either working for or associated with a gameing company called FarmVille2. Most of the listed there employment as so rich I don't have to work but at life. We are a game to these people and until you relize it and the authorities relize it. Which will soon be called Cyber Terrism I'm sure. You can not go to one Developer Forum on the internet without seeing a bunch of new young foreighn Developers. They have been planning this for a while and our intelegence didn't see the CUEW comming but there here and noone wants to stop it know because there incharge of that industry. I,m a Engineer myself been out of the business awhile but even a engineer all they do is ask questions that nobody wants to answer but I got a clue for ya. Me and my friends ain't going nowere and we some persistant mother .......'s. So Ya'll better be ready the wars already hear. You didn't want to react to it when it could have made a difference. So Me and My people say you can't just stand there and claim ignorance any more and that you only want to say something when it effected you or someone you loved. We going treat you from here on out just like them. Kick in the Teath because all you people that just stood by when people like me and my people got hurt the week and disadvantaged you all just ignored. Just some poor white dude or just some elderly lady in Florida. Long way away or it couldn't happen to me and for the past two years when they keep hitting by the thousands and until they hit you or someone you love you don't care. I say to you people like that don't get to close because I'm going to kick your teath out just like that Ass Hole That Took That &5 Year old grandma's Grocery money for that month. Do you know why they got her grocerty money. Because she spent it to get the car out of the pawn that she spent to pay these people the 750 dollars to win the you 200 thousand. If you tell me you never heard that story you best take a couple steps back brother. Amen I'm Done tonight. I am the one in charge and if we don't do something know it probably already is going to be to Late. Come on Trump we need a man in there. My Name If there is any that don't know me I'm Cory Triplett aka Commander Cory Or Protect The Innocent for Our War On The Internet In Cory's App Outhouse at Everywere on The Internet. We Say If Your Not Part Of The Solution You ARE part of the problem. Catch Me If You CanNNNNN!!!!! at, and all donations accepted at, or keep yo ass walking!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

      As you can probably tell I'm not very good on camera so I'm going to go with the animated version of this project. Nobody wants to see my ugly mug so I'm going to go with my pictures that I'm known for. The purpose was for filled and y'all got to see the real me but I don't like the way I look on camera. I'm still here if you need to contact me but y'all don't want to see my scared up face anymore than I want to see me. So I'll illustrate my Blogs with pictures such as.

Cory TriplettWar On The Internet

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse First Review
             We might as well jump in the door with both feet, Feet first First App is The Social Networking App------!?!?!?
          Nope guys sorry to say this App is not what you think. I think they developer is hoping were a bunch of idiots. They think were dumb enough to believe putting all your social media apps into one that it's going to solve all of your memory and speed problems hate to be the one to tell you guys not only does it not solve those problems it makes it worse it double and triple and quadruples the problems. I'm curious did you guys( The Developers) even test this one before you sent it out!?
     This one particular App I checked out had about 8 or 9 social media sites. Now I saw another one after the fact had 35 Social Media Sites they advertised on that one, what the hell we they thinking,Man!!
So I started out with just my Google Plus accounts which is 8 or 9 accounts, 4 pages, 8 Collections, 4 Communities. I know it seems like a lot but I'm Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet. Remember I've been undercover in bidding for a year and half doing my internet investigation against and Facebook. I do have friends though that have 4 to 5 thousand friends and I explained to them like I will you know. When your friends list is that big do you realize that a internet Scammer can his a Profile even a wholes Page inside your friends list and none would even know they were there, not you, not Facebook, not the Feds, nobody. Not at least until someone ran across them mistakenly scrolling or what ever and happened to see them set up shop. I know that one for a fact saw it first hand and the way it looked they had been there for quiet some time. They didn't want to leave but as soon as they found out who I was LMAO I never saw none pack up so quick.
Back to the App. You put all those apps together its going to bog down your memory and cause your phone to bog down all the time instead of just when your busy and they basically use your phone as there own personnel Data Storage spot. Your phone turns into there phone. Besides all that the Security issues. I don't like one App being responsible of all my social media Passwords and personnel information. If you remember correctly that was the problem we all had with the Security Problems with Google Chrome. All your information in one spot never work in my book because of me personally, what I been through with and Facebook I can't trust anyone or any App that much.
As far as memory is concerned I got a new Tracfone SmartPhone a while back from I think its Altel or something like that. When I went to move my data to my SD card it says the phone doesn't have the Technology for the operation. What a croack of shit is that. Developer I call BS on that one. The two phones before that were able to do it y'all just looking for a way to get more money out of us what I think. After working Full Time basically for Facebook and Google for the Past Two years with no pay as a Writer/Author, Publisher and to find out they were supposed to have been paying me this whole time. ButHeads I think y'all have gotten enough out of me and the Public so quit picking our pockets and stop looking in our bank accounts to see his much to charge us. I don't care that I have ten dollars in my wallet I'm only going to pay five and besides the fact it was none of your business how much I had in my wallet or in the bank. You feel me on that and I'm sure everyone agrees with me. Like I told all of you a year ago you either going to Love me or your going to hate me there's no middle ground. Y'all are starting to realize that the people that been Hagen on me have been the ones out there messing up and hurting people. I have a very strong Code of ethics and a very strong religious backbone. After during one the operating table five or more years ago I'm blessed enough to be able to say I walk with the angles and every morning I get out of bed I can do it with my head held high. After the and Facebook Scammers I refuse to let anyone try to hurt me or take advantage of me or anyone else, not on my watch so help me god the only one getting knocked down is them. All the way to the front doors of our good old Texas Prisons(at least that's my dream). Out of Todd Sloane or Danielle Lam in Prison for what they've done which one do you think turns first on the inside. I say Todd but that's just me. Sorry Lord I shouldn't have said that but yes I should have it put a smile on my Face. Well that's it for now till next time this is Cory Triplett as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet coming at you Live from Cory's App OutHouse. Y'all Be Safe and have a blessed night. Till next Time Catch Me If You CanNN!! this is Cory Triplett Reporting. I'm Out! Love You All God Bless.

Cory's App OutHouse

               You Can Catch Me Here:
Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Group "War On The Internet", Google, Google Plus, Google Sites, Google Forum, Twitter, Twitter for Business, Google Business, Instagram, Blogger, Blogspot, Facebook Developers, Facebook Security Notes,, Linkeden, Pinterest, Stumblepon,Skype, Hangouts,, Microsoft Development Corp., YouTube, YouTube Channels, Gmail, main Gmail Account, OK I'm done with that. I've been working on this computer of mine for six months now got hundreds of hours logged in because of a faulty operating system, XP Media take it from me guys sometimes your better off scraping it and starting fresh not worth the time or hassle. This price of crap belongs with the people who made XP Media in the Trash.
I meant what I said If You have any questions or Suggestions just ask. Like my Papa used to say the only Stupid question is the one not asked. We got a get these Developers Out of that good old boy attitudes. Your friend Cory Triplett as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet open for Business Cory's App OutHouse.

First Week on Cory's App OutHouse Live

Cory's App OutHouse Cont.-------
The biggest problem we had designing anything for the Web was defective products or Apps messing things up. Messing up the web or messing up fully functioning quality products or apps.
  Now don't get me wrong I'm not turning my back on my calling. I still have some personel projects I'm trying to work on but this has been my dream for many years. Product and App Evaluation with the help of those they effect the most. We'll do it together and maybe have a little fun pokeing at Google and Facebook. I'm looking forward to it. Let me know how that works out for you guys. Lol. Were going to test out there Apps and put it out there to be a deal or a dude. Probably shouldn't use that term I think there might be a copyright on it. But here we go. A little later I have my first of many Reviews. I'm still a Web designer/App Development Engineer and this will probably piss off some of my collogues. I think most of the good ones will welcome it by the way there doing the same thing behind closed doors. It's kinda hard to evaluate your own development or one of your friends development objectively. Just my opinion. Were not really going to have a set agenda on scheduling but I'll find a app and submit report or if you want one checked out for you email me at or call me at (903)394-4710 and we'll check it out. If you have any questions or concerns do the same and contact me. You can always check on what I'm working on by my Websites, Pages, Collections, Communities. For those of you that are in my Communities that I own and run I don't see myself making it by as much as I'm used to this and War On The Internet keeps me entirely to busy. I'll be checking in on you every now and then just keep the Protect The Innocent and War On The Internet code of ethics. You know I've been in this business longer than some of these people have been alive. It really upsets me when I see new people trying to ask the developers a question and they won't even let them speak until they have enough time in. By that point they would have figured the question out for themselves. Heard one developer say he was tired of stupid questions. I said wait a minute homeboy me and my homeboys developed this industry from scratch from the ground up. These developers need to learn how to show some respect. Respect for these youngsters up and coming in the business and industry. They need to show respect to the people they claim to work for, The People, The Consumer, The Public. They forget what its like being new to the business and trying to learn. Unlike me that has never been paid for a thing I've done on or off the web they have a future in this business and they shouldn't be trying to run them off. But as for me not getting paid that either makes me increadably stupid or a detonate pushover. Facebook and Google have been taking advantage of me for the past couple of years but one of these days I'll get mine. Probably through a lawyer. I saw one of my profiles today that google said none was watching. I saw 118,000 views from you my listeners, followers, and of Fans. Almost made me Cry and I think you for that. All this time I been told you weren't listening and that was only one of my Pages, Collections, and or Profiles. I have to do this one time and one time only my sites addresses. They are at 1.,,
http://Facebook.Com/CoryTriplett1971CorysWarOnTheNet1971,,,, and, Facebook is at, and,

First week of Cory's App OutHouse

Started Cory's App OutHouse Few Days Go here's the Dialog.

  1.        Cory's App OutHouse is here to help us weed out the good and bad apps that the app development community throws at us. When I say that I'm one of them. They've called me a Web Master, Web Designer, Web Developer, App Developer/Designer. I don't know about all that I'm mostly self fought. I was in college for Electrical Engineering/Robotics in the early 90's in Little Rock Arkansas with the Clinton Crew when we the Web was developed or shall I say engineered. Back before the Web was the web. I remember predicting what our Brain child was going to be and she hasn't disappointed me yet just the people running her and some of the people that are allowed to run freely in and around her. I was a up and coming binary programmer back then. I remember predicting Java Script to my Class and they all laughed at me, my class mates and my graduating professor. Who's laughing now. For those that don't know about Java, Java is the program that converts the English language into computer language. Back then the web was a network of people across the nation running Gaming and chat rooms via the telephone lines. I was one of them. Was a Fun time in my life but was very expensive. As you would Guess the phone companies eat it up.

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