Thursday, February 25, 2016

First week of Cory's App OutHouse

Started Cory's App OutHouse Few Days Go here's the Dialog.

  1.        Cory's App OutHouse is here to help us weed out the good and bad apps that the app development community throws at us. When I say that I'm one of them. They've called me a Web Master, Web Designer, Web Developer, App Developer/Designer. I don't know about all that I'm mostly self fought. I was in college for Electrical Engineering/Robotics in the early 90's in Little Rock Arkansas with the Clinton Crew when we the Web was developed or shall I say engineered. Back before the Web was the web. I remember predicting what our Brain child was going to be and she hasn't disappointed me yet just the people running her and some of the people that are allowed to run freely in and around her. I was a up and coming binary programmer back then. I remember predicting Java Script to my Class and they all laughed at me, my class mates and my graduating professor. Who's laughing now. For those that don't know about Java, Java is the program that converts the English language into computer language. Back then the web was a network of people across the nation running Gaming and chat rooms via the telephone lines. I was one of them. Was a Fun time in my life but was very expensive. As you would Guess the phone companies eat it up.

Protect The Innocent

Protect The Innocent
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I write Pages on Google Facebook Twitter and YouTube called WarOnTheInternet and ProtectTheInnocent and Corys AppOutHouse I write, run, operate, Own pages to collections to communities and now blogs. I'm here to stop the internet Con-Artist from from hurting anyone else and me and my groups wain Corporate Accountability and Justice For all the victims and someone please stop facebook and from covering it up again and again. Thanks Cory